Blood of the Sixth Review

Blood of the Sixth by K. R. Rowe“The air thickened with the scent of dust, but the clear night sky held no hint of debris. He took a few whiffs, attempting to identify the odor. The smell was distinct, not sharp or pungent, containing something more than dust: a bouquet of death— old death. Tim coughed, trying to clear the stench from his throat but the odor only intensified.” Chapter 2, “The Run”

While the insidious evil lurking in the streets of Port Bella Rosa, Louisiana sucks the life from its victims, author Rowe draws us deeper into the story with her alluring prose and flirtatious dialogue.

The protagonist, Allie, is likable, identifiable and entertaining. While Allie is confronted with a mysterious, paranormal force, she must also deal with demons of her own.

It’s evident that K. R. Rowe is a gifted writer and talented storyteller. She is a refreshing, imaginative and entertaining voice on the independent scene.

I enjoyed Blood of the Sixth and most highly recommend it to those who enjoy horror and paranormal thrillers.

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